Accounting Features

Odoo Accounting is really simple.

Accounting Has Become Simple

Accounts section in this system is suitable for all types and sizes of companies, which gives the accounts better way to work with suppliers and customers, you can activate the additional properties as needed (such as analytical accounts, the management of budgets, asset management).

Modern invoices

invoices for purchases or sales, as well as the reimbursement of purchases or sales and sent by e-mail with the possibility of electronic payment. Will not send a reminder to customers, only create the invoice and the system will send automatically and then watched automatically until repaid.

Bank statement

You can easily work the settlement of the accounts of banks on the system by importing the payroll accounts to the system to be settled.

Integration with purchases

rules in supplier invoices based on purchase orders, get the inventory reports in real time, changes inventory values are monitored on the time they occur in the accounts.

analytical accounts of multi-level

analytical integration of accounts with) Tasks, projects, invoices, expenses, etc. ) and not just something to enter transactions, all restrictions will be monitored on the analytical.

journal entries

Professional registration restrictions through the screen that allows you to log all required data even when the currency difference is the constraint and linking partners.

Reports and charts

Get important information and basic reports plus interactive boards and Customizable reports, review financial operations through the reports of customizable Interactive methods of different display gives you clear vision of everything.

About Accounting

Beautiful accounting software.